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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Will my hair become totally straight?

The Keratin Hair Treatment will NOT make your hair totally flat and straight. Instead, this new revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to ninety-five percent of the frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious.

• Drying time is significantly reduce

• Little or no flat ironing will be necessarY

• You can still curl or scrunch your hair, but without frizz.

• Your hair retains body & bounce rather than being poker-straight.

Results vary from person to person, based on their hair's curl intensity and coarseness.

How does keratin help?

At birth, the keratin level in the hair ranges from 70%-80%. As we mature, keratin loss leads to a dull finish, frizziness, coarseness and loss of sheen. By restoring and replenishing lost keratin to the hair, strands are again shiny, straighter and frizz-free with a beautiful sheen and increased manageability.

What if my hair is already chemically treated or damaged?

This treatment actually gives the best results on damaged, porous hair. You can think of it like this: Imagine your hair is a road full of potholes and the Keratin Hair Treatment is brand new tarmac pressed on with a steam roller; all the potholes are filled and the road is like new!

This treatment restores your hair to become silky, shiny, and more manageable.

Unlike Japanese straightening, the Keratin Hair Treatment causes no damage because it adheres to the hair shaft, instead of penetrating it. It can safely be applied to bleached, highlighted, and colour treated hair and will actually improve the condition of the hair. The more damaged your hair is to begin with, the more dramatic the results and the longer it will last.

What happens as it grows out?

There is no line of demarcation as your hair grows out. Your natural curl is softened, not eliminated, thus significantly reducing drying & styling time.

This treatment is slowly washed out of your hair in an average of 1-3 months. The process can be de-activated by simply changing shampoo rather than having to let it all grow out.

What if I've already chemically straightened my hair?

This can be applied directly over any other form of hair straightening

Can I perform this treatment over Japanese straightening?

Yes, you can perform this treatment over any kind of previously straightened hair, as long as the scalp and hair are healthy enough to receive professional salon services.

Is this treatment a relaxer?

No, chemical relaxers swell and soften the hair shaft which can cause damage. This treatment does not swell and soften the hair shaft. It does not break the bonds of the hair shaft; it is applied on top of the hair shaft.

Can I perform the treatment over previously relaxed hair?

Yes, the treatment can be applied to any previously relaxed hair, as long as the scalp and hair are healthy enough to receive professional salon services.

Can I perform the treatment on virgin hair?

Yes, but the results wonÕt last as long as a treatment performed on previously coloured or chemically treated hair. You will have noticeable improvement, and you will continue to notice even better results progressively as you continue to have the treatments.

Can I do the treatment every month?

Yes, the treatment is completely safe to do every 4 weeks.

How often should I do the treatment?

It depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Some people have monthly treatments, others have treatments once every three months and some people have treatments just twice a year. Most people have treatments every 6-8 weeks in order to maintain optimal hair condition.

What hair products should I avoid?

Avoid products with sodium chloride (sea salt) as this causes the keratin complex to wash out rapidly. Check that your shampoo and conditioner do not have this. Try to stay away from products with harsh sulphates and parabens if possible.

What hair products should I use?

Use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sodium chloride (salt). If possible, use organic products that are kinder to your hair. I can advise you of products you can use at the time of your treatment.

Should I cut my hair before the treatment?

No need to. It's better to cut and style the hair after the treatment and trim off any overly processed ends.

Can I colour my hair?

You can colour your hair at any time, including just after or before a keratin treatment.

What is involved in the procedure?

Your hair will be shampooed and clarified. The Keratin Treatment will be applied to your hair and your hair will be allowed time to absorb the product. Your hair will be blow-dried and then I will use GHD straighteners to completely straighten and shape your style.

How long does the procedure take?

This depends on your hair length, thickness and texture. The entire process can take between 2 Ð 4 hours. Your first treatment is generally the longest.

Can I go swimming after the KHT?

The Keratin Hair Treatment is washed out more rapidly by sodium chloride and chlorine. Sodium chloride (salt) is in sea water and chlorine is in most swimming pools and spas. So if you are going to swim, and want to keep the KHT effect for as long as possible try and cover your hair with a swimming cap.